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Article entitled "Missions to Seaman" in the Ipswich Journal

…So without having to call upon the Parent Society, they would be enabled to supply an excellent yacht for Mr. Pechell, the Scripture reader, to do his work in… As to the work that had been carried out, he might say, as he had said before, that Mr. Pechell had proved himself the right man in the right place, and he had been indefatigable — so useful had he been that the Parent Committee had, unasked, added to his income… They were singularly fortunate in the gentleman they had obtained for their Scripture reader, for Mr. Pechell had his whole soul in the work in which he was engaged. To carry on his work amongst the sailors who came into the port was to him a labour of love. They had an institution called a Sailor’s Home, which accommodated 10 men for board and lodging. Mr. Pechell went on board all vessels that came into this port, and he made it his business always to get the crews of vessels which stayed long in this port, if possible, to use the Sailors’ Home, where they were well cared for. If the men had taken their wages — and they often took very large sums of money — he always endeavoured to persuade them to send the greater part home to their friends. In the case of one ship Mr. Pechell had been the means by which the men sent home no less a sum than £200 to their friends… With this yacht [donated by Rev. Granville Smith] Mr. Pechell went up and down the river, and boarded every vessel which came, talked with the men, distributed tracts, and, where possible, held short services. He went down to Harwich, where he would find, perhaps, as many as 300 or 400 fishing smacks lying, and he would hold short services where they lay together. He was told on all hands that Mr. Pechell was doing a vast amount of good. He would go as far as the Cork Lightship, where the men were very glad to see him…
The Mayor said he forgot to mention that Mr. R. [sic] Pechell informed him that he was much in want of a new dingy to be attached to the yacht, and if anyone would provide a dingy it would be very acceptable.
Mr. Pechell then gave an account of his work during the past year, and he expressed his gratitude for the encouragement he had received from the clergymen and inhabitants of Ipswich and Harwich. He said that much of the success which had attended his efforts was due to the encouragement he had received. He also found that he derived much advantage in his work from having been a sailor himself, by which he fount it easier to mingle with the men, and to enable them to understand each other. He explained the nature of his work, and gave instances which showed that it had been attended with success. He also stated the need he had of a new dingy. He had to do all his work in the boat, and the one he had had become old and leaky.

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