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1 'Christford' on the baptismal transcript, Cristford later on. Christford, Stephen (I1099)
2 'Snowe' on burial transcript Snow, Henry (I1126)
3 1911 census says 10 children, of which one had died. Mabbs, Charles (I62)
4 1911 Census says Wokingham, Berkshire Mabbs, Frances M. (I238)
5 A brother, Henry was baptised on 18 Feb 1679/80. However, the Great Burstead burial records have a few missing pages at the end of 1678 and 1679. It is likely Henry died in this period. Lucas, Henry (I1026)
6 Abigail: Spinster, OTP
Samuel: Widower, Ewhurst 
Family F2
7 Also a Christening of a Richard to the same parents on 22 Apr 1701. Presumably this child died, although there is no burial record. Irish, Richard (I148)
8 Also known as Anne Pelham Peckham, Anne (I710)
9 Also known as Joan Plantagenet of Lancaster, Joan Baroness Mowbray (I828)
10 Also known as Margaret. Mowbray, Eleanor (I820)
11 Alt. spelling = Branthwaite Branwayt, Alice (I669)
12 Alternative location: Palace Chapel, Chichester, Sussex Family F211
13 Ancestry lists an additional baptism of Frances Smyth, 17 Dec 1797 in Woodbridge. Family F203
14 Appears in the transcript with the father Danyell, but judging by the dates of the other baptisms, and the lack of Danyell's elsewhere, this is very likely to refer to William. Stevens, Frances (I568)
15 Appears to be an error in the dates given for birth/death. Mabbs, Elizabeth (I461)
16 Archdeaconry of Lewes
William from Selscomb, Elizabeth from Burwash
Claget on parish record, Claggett on Licence 
Family F436
17 Baptised as Elizabeth Parks, but known as Elizabeth Baker. Parks, Elizabeth (I247)
18 Baptism says Hewghe Frankwell Frankwell, Hugh (I532)
19 Baptism says ‘base born’. Burchett, William (I514)
20 Baptismal record gives name as 'Anne'. Smyth, Ann (I75)
21 Baptismal transcript says 'Sally' Baker, Sarah (I1078)
22 Baptisms at Bexhill 1679-1707 missing on Suffolk Family History database. Family F280
23 Based on other records, anywhere from 1790 to 1796. Cocks, Moses George (I74)
24 Birth place given as Kensington on 1891 census. Mabbs, Isabel (I236)
25 Birthplace given as Mitre Court, Temple, Middlesex in 1881 Census Nichols, Mary (I124)
26 Bobrook on the marriage licence. Bowbrook, John (I219)
27 Both signed. In the presence of E. Cogan and Martha Tavis. Family F243
28 Cause of death looks like Richeola … scarlatina (scarlatina = scarlet fever) Tadd, Richard (I483)
29 Cause of death: Apoplexy
Informant: Sarah Barwood in attendance 
Skinner, Margaret (I90)
30 Cause of death: Disease of bladder. Mabbs, Charles (I65)
31 Cause of death: Disease of the heart
Informant: Sarah Squirrell (present at the death) 
Smyth, Ann (I75)
32 Cause of death: Paralysis
Informant: Sarah Squirrell (present at death). By the time to the 1871 census, Sarah Squirrel was a Domestic Servant/Cook in Ipswich. Perhaps previously she had worked for Moses? 
Cocks, Moses George (I74)
33 Cause of death: Paralysis Bronchitis Cowper, Sarah (I66)
34 Check the following records at East Sussex:


http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/a2a/records.aspx?cat=179-spa&cid=2-2-1#2-2-1 (unfit for production)







Baker, Robert (I228)
35 Checked the following parishes for marriage record:
Great Waltham, Little Waltham, Broomfield, Pleshey (gap from 1666-1717), Chignall Smealy, Little Leighs, Chignall St James, Mashbury, Great Leighs. 
Family F447
36 Collingame on Marriage transcript. Collingham, Margery (I534)
37 Date is 14 day of ??? 1662 Mab, John (I1257)
38 Described as 'Ancient Householder'. Sennock, Elias (I500)
39 Died of the pestilence. FitzWarin, Sir William (I882)
40 Died of the plague. of Lancaster, Joan Baroness Mowbray (I828)
41 Edith on 1901 census. Good, Ethel Elizabeth (I11)
42 Executed (beheaded) for his alleged part in the Exeter Conspiracy. The Exeter Conspiracy, 1538, was a supposed attempt to depose the reigning Henry VIII and replace him with a Yorkist, Henry Courtenay, 1st Marquess of Exeter, KG who was 1st cousin to the King. Carew, Sir Nicholas (I798)
43 FamilySearch says 22 Feb. Pells, Richard (I98)
44 FamilySearch/Ancestry give different parents for this baptism: Aminadab Herberden and Sarah.
Pallot's Index doesn't specify parents. 
Family F292
45 Gap in baptismal records from July 1645 to June 1646. Family F449
46 Given as Wokingham, Berkshire on 1881 Census Mabbs, Sarah C. (I237)
47 Godfather Thomas COLFEILD. Godmothers Johan COLFEILD & Agnes COLFEILD. Collingham, Joan (I544)
48 Godfather Walter HOMEWOOD. Godmothers Mystris Margery SELWYN & Dorothy FFRAY. Collingham, Margery (I534)
49 Godfathers John SELWYN , Esq. and John HOMEWOOD. Collingham, John (I543)
50 Godfathers Robert HUDSON & Symon COLLINGHAM . Godmother Johan A BROOKE. Collingham, Robert (I542)

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