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Account of the life of Thomas Pechell (transcript)

Thomas Pechell, All Saints Parish Room
12 Spa Rd, Southampton
Aug 1 1906

At the age of 14 I was apprenticed as a fisherman in the North Sea. at the end of my term I received £5 from the Orphan School also £5 from my Owner for good conduct and attention to Duties.

I continued on this a few years. When it came in my mind to try and be of some use another way. Wickedness. Drunkeness. No Sabath Keeping in the whole Fleet of Smacks. So with the Captains Permission I began. first with the Boys in the forecastle. next with the whole Crew in the Cabin for service then we got a Bethel Flag and on Fine Sundays hoisted it up to invite others to come on Board for services. Sometimes our Deck was Crowded with Fisherman. sometimes we provided tea for all (no sugar. we had none) this went on for some years with great success. till we thought of a better plan and after much Prayer and some calling on good men for a Bethel Ship. we succeeded by being able to get one. A Band of Christians male and females Collected the funds in All directions from the Public and the name of this effort was after a few years Called the Royal Deep Sea Mission to Fishermen and has worked up to the Present time with abundant success and there is much reason to that God for such an Answer to Prayer.

I next offered myself to the Merchant service and went to Bombay with Troops for the Indian Mutiny. during the Voyage there was little or no chance for a Service. so on several Fine Sunday Evenings, I mounted a water But on deck, gave out a hymn (I only had the one Book.) Which was heartily sung by the crowd of Soldiers and Seamen. we landed the troops at Bombay and our ship went on to Calcutta. here we found that men were wanted badly. to go up country and give help I left the Ship and joined a Naval Brigade for two years till the mutiny was over.

returned to England and was employed to manage Raymond Pellys Farm and help in Garden I got on very well Cows Pigs Poultry also in the Garden. living at the end of the Park here I have a short Service for the Cottagers living near once a week. After this (about 3 years) I left and was Head Gardener in Battersea and gave all my spare time in Parish work freely.

I started a Boys Bible Class weekly and had about 200 Lads attending. Then I started a Band of Hope over 900 joined during the 7 years I lived in Battersea. I was greatly helped by the Vicar Rev E. C. Ince - General Lawrence and General Eardley Wilmot besides some Male and Female teachers. these two weekly meetings went on for 7 years and then when I left for Islington N London I was presented with a Cassells Bible also very nice clock. and had a Post of Verger to go to. living at the Church House where I started a young mens club also a Mens club with good success till I took a Post of Seamens Missionary under the Bishop of Gibraltar. and the Rev Christie of Geneo at Savona. Here I gave great satisfaction on all sides both at Services Lanterns and Concerts.

in all things named I may say that I have by me Testimonials and Reports of Work done Well. for which I heartily thank God and take Courage both for health and strength under God to do. I came to Southampton about 10 years ago as Verger of All Saints I have tried to serve my God. my King. my Country.

Thomas Pechell

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