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This website lists the genealogy of Mary Louise Baker (1915-2010) and Denis Cocks (1915-1992). It is maintained by Mark and Shâron Barnes (Shâron is a granddaughter of Mary and Denis). The Baker side of the family comes almost entirely from Sussex (bar a few generations just over the border in Hampshire or Essex), until moving into London in the 19th century. The Cocks family hail from Somerset in the West, and from Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex in the east, again until moving into London in the 19th century.

The earliest direct ancestor on the Baker male line is Samuel Baker, who was probably born near Sedlescombe around 1700. The earliest direct ancestor on the Cocks male line is Moses George Cocks, who is said to have been born around 1793 in Starston, Norfolk. Through old newspapers and census returns we know a lot about George's later life, but have yet to discover anything about his early years, or indeed the identity of his parents. On several lines our research has gone back to the 17th or 16th centuries, in a few cases to the beginnings of parish records.

To explore this site, use the main menu above, or choose one of the pages from the yellow drop-down menu above right. If you're looking for someone specific, then the search facility might be useful. The chart below shows 7 generations of Mary and Denis's direct ancestors. You can scroll horizontally, hover over individual names to find out more, or click on names to go straight to their page.

Chief interests

The table below shows several of our ancestral families, together with the parishes they were most closely associated with. If you have any links with these families, or could share information, please get in touch.

TaddSelsey, Sussex1688-1881
BurtonEastbourne, Sussex1565-1641
BakerWestfield, Sussex1748-1869
NorrisGreat Burstead, Essex1561-1790
PellsGorleston, Suffolk1722-1865
ParksBattle, Sussex1770-1862
WrightHorndon on the Hill, Essex1795-1881
StokesRoxwell, Essex1748-1866
IrishEartham, Sussex1702-1774
GentryBocking, Essex1741-1789