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51 Heyland on baptism transcript Hyland, Ann (I1100)
52 I believe this may be Elizabeth Lock (b. 16 April 1710 in North Mundham). The reasons are:

  • We expect Elizabeth to be born between 1694 and 1716, more likely towards the middle of that range.

  • The only other baptism entries for that period in the Sussex transcripts are as follows:

    • Elizabeth Lockier, 3 Jul 1716, Donnington, d. of Thomas and Anne

    • Elizabeth Lock, 20 May 1694, Worth, d. of William and Ann.

    • Elizabeth Lockier, 6 May 1713, Ticehurst, d. of John and Mary.

    • Elizabeth Lock, 25 Sep 1715, Worth, d. of William and Elizabeth (Almost certainly married Solomon Humphrey).

    • Elizabeth Lock, 4 Feb 1707, Hartfield, d. of William and Ann.

Elizabeth Lock is the daughter of John Locke (b. 10 Oct 1676, North Mundham) and Mary Wisdom, who married on 5 Feb 1706/5 in North Mundham.

John Locke is the son of Thomas Locke, and Francisse/Frances Binsteed, who married on 21 Dec 1675. 
Lockyer, Elizabeth (I453)
53 It looks like original registers for Chiswick baptisms are not on ancestry. Transcripts available at SoG and LMA. Hammett, Benjamin Cooper (I115)
54 It appears that this was bought by another Owen Skinner, who by 1821 was declared bankrupt and lost the lot. An almost identical advertisement (minus the swamp!) was place in the Ipswich Journal on 21 July 1821 by the Bankruptcy commissioners. Then on 3 October 1821, the Bury and Norwich Post auctioned the contents: “comprising 6 very capital cart mares and geldings, 2 colts, 6 fat bullocks, 32 head of swine; 2 waggons, 5 tumbrils, luggage cart, harness, corn-dressing machine, patent chaff-cutting engine with 4 knives, ploughs, harrows, &c. Also an assortment of Household Furniture.” Skinner, Owen (I349)
55 It's assumed the father of Henry was a man with the surname 'Hyland' or 'Highland'. There was a Hyland family in Hawkhurst around that time. Family F1
56 John from Northiam. Family F441
57 John Harris, Axe Street, Barking is listed as a smack owner in the 1851 Post Office directory (pg 23), and in the 1851 census as a fisherman. Thomas Pechell is not resident at that address, however. Pechell, Thomas (I91)
58 John in Berry's Genealogy, Robert in Bannerman's Visitations. Burton, John (I678)
59 Licence (Archdeaconry of Lewes) issued 1 Aug 1608.
Sponsors: W.R.; Thos Burton gent Lewes 
Family F315
60 Licence sponsors were John Frankwell himself and Richard Store (tailor from Willingdon). Licence issued 30 April 1622. Family F287
61 Likely that he had brothers John and Simon, both listed as fathers on various baptisms in the 1550s and 1560s in Friston. Also sisters Agnes, Katherine and Isabel, who all married in Friston in the early 1550s. Collingham, Robert (I540)
62 Likely the son of Robert, and baptised in Eartham. However there are no Eartham entries for 1667-1674. Robert's will exists though. Irish, Robert (I150)
63 Likely to be the daughter of George and Mary Ayme who baptised a son Henry on 23 July 1665 in Eartham. George was the vicar of the parish. However, not baptism record can be found. Amye, Dorothy (I151)
64 Maiden name might be Klinge, and she may be from Chilton. Eleanor (I622)
65 Marked 'P'. This usually means 'private' (not in the church), or 'poor' (not paid for). Private is the most likely, and may indicate Harry was too sick to travel. Good, Harry (I48)
66 Marriage record:
NOT in Kessingland 1770-1782

Other users say Mutford on 19 Jun 1777, but those registers aren't yet online. 
Family F250
67 Mary was a minor, with the consent of her father Family F179
68 Missing marriage record to Ann. Should be Woodbridge in the early 1750s.

Checked Woodbridge parish records on Fiche, Phillimore's and IGI.
Checked Boyd's.
Checked Ancestry.
Checked Suffolk Marriage Index (FMP).
Checked IGI for Norfolk/Suffolk.

Missing baptism record. Should be around 1720s. Not in Woodbridge, and too many others without knowing parent's names.

Smith, Francis (I369)
69 Mitre Court is in the Parish of St Dunstan in the West, but very close to The Temple.

St Dunstan in the West
Ancestry has images and an index. There are no Nicholls baptisms in the parish.

The Temple
Baptismal records are apparently indexed on FamilySearch, but no Nicholls are listed, currently. A search in the book The Register of the Temple Church, London: Baptisms 1629-1853 confirms this.

Westminster St John the Evangelist
FamilySearch has indexes, but only from 1728-1755. 
Nichols, Mary (I124)
70 Name is unclear. Norris, Daniel (I1190)
71 Need marriage to get maiden name (see husband's notes). Ann (I370)
72 Need to check whether Thomas Frankwell bap. 7 Jan 1626/7 is also son of John. Family F287
73 Next door could be Charlotte's brother?

Charles J Stokes, Mary A, and Charles A. 
Stokes, Charlotte Fanny (I13)
74 No baptism record for Judith, but VERY likely to be part of this family give the unusual name. Her brother Edward had a daughter Florence in Wartling on 24 Feb 1632/3. Florence, Judith (I518)
75 No record found in a parish, just the licence. Family F212
76 No record of baptism. It is likely, but not certain, that she is the daughter of William and Mary. Wright, Susan (I998)
77 One witness, William Swain, may have been a schoolmaster (as might the Pipes that crop up later). Family F203
78 Parish records for Great Burstead were not kept between 1579-1598. Norris, James (I1183)
79 Parish records for Great Burstead were not kept between 1579-1598. Family F455
80 Place of birth given as Starston on 1851 census. Checked the following for baptism (plus FreeReg, FamilySearch, Ancestry, FindMyPast and TheGenealogist):

Starston (Record Office and FreeReg).
Redenhall (FreeReg AT)
Needham (doun [1794-1810])
Pulham (FreeReg)
Pulham Market (FreeReg)
Wortwell (parish records at Redenhall)
Weybread, Suffolk
Mendham, Suffolk
Withersdale, Suffolk
Homersfield, Suffolk

Children of Jonathan Cock and Elizabeth Buckenham (spinster):
Jonathan Cock and Elizabeth Buckenham were married 28 Jul 1782 in Redenhall. Him from Mendham, her from Redenhall. (FreeReg)
M: Jonathan Cock (b. 21 Aug 1784, bap. 24 Aug 1784)
S: Jeremiah Cock (b. 13 Oct 1786, bap. 4 Nov 1786)
S: John Cock (b. 10 Feb 1788, bap. 24 Feb 1788)
S: William Cock (bap. 23 Jan 1789)
R: Phoebe Cox (pr. bap. 28 Mar 1798)
M: Gilbert Cock (b. 27 Feb 1800, bap. 5 Mar 1800)
R: Susan Cox (b. 17 Feb 1802/3, pr. bap. 13 Mar 1802/3)

Children of George and Elizabeth:
R: Elizabeth Cock (pr. bap. 19 May 1789)
R: Mary Ann Cock (bap. 13 Mar 1791)
R: George Cock (pr. bap. 22 Apr 1792)

Children of Jeremiah and Elizabeth Reeve:
M: Jeremiah Cock (b. 6 Feb 1786, bap. 13 Feb 1786)
M: William Cock (b. 14 May 1787, bap. 21 May 1787)
M: Elizabeth Cock (b. 24 Aug 1789, pr. bap. 18 Oct 1789)

R = Redenhall, Norfolk (parish registers)
S = Starston, Norfolk (FreeReg)
M = Mendham, Suffolk (Lee Thurston)

There are no Cock/Cocks/Cox marriages for the parents in:
Mendham (checked Boyd's)
Starston (checked FreeReg)
Redenhall (checked FreeReg)

According to the Bury and Norwich Post (26 Aug 1835, pg 3) a George Cocks (born abt 1804) died in Great Yarmouth that year - obviously a different man. 
Cocks, Moses George (I74)
81 Possibly buried 24 Mar 1776 in Heathfield, Sussex, but unlikely. Baker, Martha (I293)
82 Possibly Mary Catlin, married John Lucas in Weald South in 1668. Need to find the children from this marriage, to see if the dates work with the children here. Mary (I1024)
83 Private baptism Wright, George (I984)
84 Private baptism Wright, Henry (I985)
85 Privately baptised. Received into the church, January 28 1869. Harper, Frederic Charles (I642)
86 Referred to as Sarah Maragaret until 1854, and Sarah A. afterwards. Cocks, Sarah Margaret A. (I71)
87 Richard from Middleton (su?) Family F213
88 Samuel Hewitt ran The Short Blue Fleet, which consisted of almost all of Barking’s fishing smacks. He was the first to organize the fleeting system by which a large number of smacks worked together, transferring their catch daily to fast cutters which took it to market. He also introduced the use of natural ice for preserving fish. The Barking smacks of this period were about 75 feet long and of some 50 tons burden. Each carried a crew of 8 or 10, half of them apprentices. They fished the Dogger Bank and coasts of Holland, Germany, Denmark, and Iceland. The Barking fishing industry began to decline shortly before 1860. In 1865 Robert, son and successor of Samuel Hewett, transferred most of his trawlers to Yarmouth and Gorleston.

Source: A History of the County of Essex

The Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen was founded by Ebenezer Mather, a visitor to the Short Blue Fleet in 1882. 
Pechell, Thomas (I91)
89 Sarah on 1851 census. Margaret S. on 1861 census. Presumed the same person. Stanford, Margaret Sarah (I104)
90 Sennock on baptism Sinnock, Richard (I496)
91 Sennocke on baptism. Sennock, Elias (I503)
92 Senock on baptism. Sennock, Elizabeth (I504)
93 Senoke on baptism Sinnock, John (I492)
94 Senoke on baptism Sinnock, Thomas (I493)
95 Sevenocke on baptism.
Sevenock on marriage.
Sennock on marriage licence.
Sinnock on burial. 
Sevenocke, Christopher (I647)
96 Simnock on baptism Sinnock, Elias (I498)
97 Sinnock on baptism. Sennock, Nicholas (I505)
98 Sinnock on baptism. Sennock, Mary (I506)
99 Sinnock on baptism. Sennock, Susan (I508)
100 Sinnoke on baptism. Sennock, William (I507)

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